22 October
Grant competition under the EU-supported rural development project is over
18 September
With support from the EU, the second grant competition is launched in Lagodekhi
04 August
Structure of Lagodekhi LAG
04 August
Goal of RDP project in Lagodekhi
30 June
Project "Women for healthy future"
04 August
Leader Approach in Lagodekhi
Goal of Rural Development Project in Lagodekhi
CARE (Co-operative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc.) is implementing EU-funded rural development project (RDP), which is the continuation of ENPARD participatory Rural Development Project (second phase). The goal of the project is to facilitate and develop bottom-up approach of rural development that will support social-economic development in Lagodekhi municipality.
Goals of LEADER Approach
LEADER represents a new approach within EU rural development. This is a method of mobilizing and delivering rural development in local rural communities. It makes difference to the everyday life of those residing in rural areas, and can play its role in encouraging response to rural challenges and finding new ways for solution.
Lagodekhi LAG
The Local Action Group (LAG) in Lagodekhi is an independent platform to stimulate the local development of Lagodekhi. It is part of the LEADER model used in the EU to stimulate rural development and is being adapted to Georgia.
Grant competition
Grant competition is an essential part of the project. It supports the initiatives from different sectors, such as commercial, agricultural, social, social infrastructure, tourism and culture. All the initiatives are in accordance with the existing local development strategy.
14 December
LAG board members received trainings in project evaluation
On December 5-6, in Telavi town, the trainings on “Evaluation of socio-economic projects” were conducted for Lagodekhi LAG board members, under the rural development project in Lagodekhi, supported by the EU’s ENPARD program and CARE Austria.
13 December
Lagodekhi LAG completed training series for full proposals within the grant competition
Lagodekhi Local Action Group completed training stage for the applicants whose ideas were selected for the second stage of the grant competition.
12 October
International day of the girl celebrated in Lagodekhi with a consultation meeting
International day of the girl in 11th of October was celebrated in Lagodekhi with a consultation meeting of young girls and local decision-makers